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cyber insecurity on the ingesting drinking water infrastructure, the threats now identified to their SCADA techniques, plus the possible threats and countermeasures that really should be regarded as.

For SSL We're going to clearly show how to take advantage of warning inconsistency and caching mechanisms to trick the consumer into accepting a foul cert and gets his credential stolen.

We'll expose for the first time, in this convention, some extremely Superior tactics that are nearly impossible to beat by automatic Examination previously, now, and Down the road. We'll launch Drivesploit, a drive-by obtain exploit framework implemented in addition to Metasploit.

Thanks Cathy for taking the time to write-up an evaluation of your keep. Your positive feedback are most welcome! I am glad you enjoyed your time in Michigan!

In his presentation Frank will demonstrate Seccubus by performing scans of the Dwell demo atmosphere and describe its inner Doing the job and the philosophy powering it.

These difficulties usually are not only restricted to Gaming consoles or Smartphones but will also other a variety of embedded products. You will find presently TVs and Cars that have networking abilities and also have Android put in on them. The volume of these type of products will continue on to expand.

way. Within this talk, I will go over the idea that most classes of protection flaws are actually signs and symptoms of further brings about. Moreover, I will existing tries at addressing these brings about. Specific regions of

My goal is to influence the viewers to pay attention to IPv6 also to guideline them to an easy approach to start learning over it and working with it now. All my students at Metropolis College San Francisco can have IPv6 homework from now on--you should get on board now or be still left at the rear of!

Unfortunately, Even though numerous companies claim to care about close-user privacy, plus some even that they compete on their privateness characteristics, none appear to be prepared to contend over the extent to which they aid or resist The federal government in its surveillance routines.

This speak will focus on exploiting SQL injections in Website programs with oracle again-stop and may discuss all aged/new procedures. The speak will concentrate on Oracle 9i,10g and 11g (R1 and R2) It is broadly considered that the influence of SQL Injection in Internet applications with Oracle again-end is limited to extraction of knowledge with the privileges of user talked about in relationship string. Oracle databases will not offer hacker friendly functionalities like openrowset or xp_cmdshell for privilege escalation and O.S code execution. Further more, as Oracle by design don't aid execution of many question in single SQL statement, the exploitation is even further limited.

On this presentation there'll be protected (from scratch) brief talk on protection pandora i charm mechanisms on X86 and the way to bypass them, how exploits are now being used on X86 and why they won't work as is on ARM, How to solution ARM assembly from hacker viewpoint and how to write exploits in the correct way for your remote and native attacker on ARM, what are classified as the choices for ARM hacker, etcetera.

details may be used to uniquely determine Practically all pandora godmother charm desktop browsers, without utilization of cookies or IP addresses. We talk about how this will come about, how

GET LAMP tells the Tale from a cave in Kentucky to the modern era of what some connect with a completely new sort of literature. Director Jason view it now Scott will likely be on hand to the exhibiting, in addition to a Q&A afterwards.

A Software release will accompany the presentation that absolutely automates the explained assault and permits an exterior attacker to browse the online-based interface of a victim's router in actual time, equally as When the attacker had been sitting about the target's LAN.

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